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Thousands of bulls die each year in bullfights. And that term isn’t even accurate. Over the centuries, bullfighters have found countless ways to rig the “fight” in their favor. Bulls have been weakened by drugs, had heavy sandbags dropped on their backs, had their horns shaved to keep them off balance, or petroleum jelly rubbed in their eyes. NEVER support this cruel and dangerous “tradition.” Photo: @WeAnimals


  • 35w ago vegan_conscious_light_ vegan_conscious_light_

    Evil 💔😭😡

  • 35w ago neetypie56 neetypie56

    It does have to stop 💔😡

  • 35w ago emilytheoddity emilytheoddity

    Disgusting wastes of space. Real men don’t take pleasure in killing animals.

  • 35w ago jomc_guinness jomc_guinness

    Obscene sociopathy!

  • 35w ago veganforearth veganforearth

    Poor baby 😔🙏🏻

  • 35w ago gablovesdylan gablovesdylan


  • 35w ago kikifs kikifs

    Los odios enfermos, por cada humano que muere haciendo eso me alegra.

  • 35w ago turner_interior_design turner_interior_design

    Horrendous, these people are cruel worthless beings, everything about Bull fighting is wrong, it should've been stopped centuries ago.

  • 35w ago yum_nizza1789 yum_nizza1789

    Orrore, idiozia e non cultura!! 🤬

  • 35w ago mcdbrinegar mcdbrinegar

    I loath this! Disgusting humans

  • 35w ago child.of.babylon child.of.babylon

    Love when humans die in corrida.

  • 35w ago m_pledge m_pledge

    Me encantaria apuñalar estos hijos de puta hasta la muerte

  • 35w ago vegancroatia vegancroatia


  • 35w ago aslansgirl4ever aslansgirl4ever

    This is wretched

  • 35w ago nickyjohn9045 nickyjohn9045

    Not every tradition is right. Please stop.

  • 35w ago robin.hood robin.hood

    #ferdinandthebull #ferdinandthemovie #otouroferdinando @ferdinandmovie

  • 35w ago ingsquid ingsquid

    This gave me a shiver IRL 😢😥😢

  • 35w ago peachymiss peachymiss


  • 35w ago gretchenroberts2 gretchenroberts2

    Insane cruelty

  • 35w ago auroracooney auroracooney


  • 35w ago owenslori62 owenslori62

    That is cruel.

  • 35w ago feli_tanya feli_tanya


  • 35w ago feli_tanya feli_tanya


  • 35w ago roser_litlledude roser_litlledude

    Thank you @weanimals to show this to the rest of the world. In Spain it happen continually!!!! In Catalonia we did a law to avoid this practise but the government of Spain has denied this "regional law", because they consider this practise a "national party" o part of "Spanish culture". That's one of the reasons that Catalonia wants to be a different country. In Spain lives many people with a very low knowledge of the human and animals rights.

  • 35w ago mundorobot mundorobot

    Who’s the savage here?? @weanimals

  • 35w ago mundorobot mundorobot

    And what about Correbous? ...very civilized @roser_littledude

  • 35w ago reyes_1c reyes_1c


  • 35w ago rocosi rocosi

    Shame on Spain 🇪🇸 and other countries like México 🇲🇽 where killing animals for fun is a common practice!

  • 35w ago manuelrodriguez.17 manuelrodriguez.17

    @mundorobot in spain, my country... 😭😭😭

  • 35w ago blancaacoronel blancaacoronel

    @rocosi I’m Spanish and I want that all of you know that in Spain we usually don’t think like that.It’s that just some part of the society of my country are dumb and cruel with the animals.So I just want that you know that we aren’t all like that,some of us aren’t killers;and yes it is obviously a shame kill a bull,and is sad to listen to people in Spain that say that this is culture.But please do not thinks that we are all killers ‘cause that’s not truth🇪🇸STOP KILLERS🇪🇸@saratabaress

  • 35w ago blancaacoronel blancaacoronel

    @roser_litlledude soy de Alicante y me siento muy orgullosa de vosotros,los catalanes independentistas,porque sois muy valientes al enfrentaros a un país tan corrupto,hipócrita y cruel como España,diciendo que os queréis independizar..De verdad que muy bien por vosotros porque normalmente la gente que no es de Cataluña os critica por querer independizaros,pero yo os entiendo,la cultura de España es muy cruel en muchos sentidos.Mucha fuerza y a ver si conseguís independizaros!♥️ @saratabaress

  • 35w ago roser_litlledude roser_litlledude

    @blanche05 gracias por tu mensaje de solidaridad y empatía. La verdad q no me gustaría que nos independizaremos de España porque es una brecha en nuestra sociedad y yo amor respeto muchos valores que promueve España. Lo que quiero para Cataluña lo quiero para España y para el mundo entero. Respecto a nuestros animales, respecto a la tierra, respecto a las personas respecto a las libertades. Crear un mundo más humano. Gracias de nuevo

  • 34w ago w_n.flower w_n.flower

    this is not a show! it's murder and horror! this is not art is the deprivation of the life of an innocent being! disgrace to Koride, shame on people and such ugly traditions! and shame to the people who watch it !!!😡😰😭😭😭😭😪😪😪

  • 34w ago gabymoggia gabymoggia


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  • 31w ago ruthrs78 ruthrs78

    Vergüenza de ser española por cosas como esta. Basta ya! Tauromaquia ABOLICIÓN

  • 30w ago ralynn7498 ralynn7498


  • 30w ago sarazeppelinsixx sarazeppelinsixx


  • 22w ago herbivore_ann herbivore_ann

    Pathetic cowards


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