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This morning, @pbotinfo Director Leah Treat and @portlandpolice Captain Michael Crebs help change first residential speed limit sign from 25 mph to 20 mph - the first of about 2,000 signs that will cover nearly 70 percent of city streets, making neighborhoods safer. "It is unacceptable for anyone to be killed by traffic violence," PBOT Director Leah Treat said. "Today we are poised to take a significant step forward in making our neighborhoods safer and more livable. Five miles an hour may not sound like much, but when it comes to reducing the severity of crashes it makes a big difference. By reducing speeds from 25 to 20, we can make it nearly two times more likely that a person will survive a crash." #20isplenty #visionzero #pdxtraffic #trafficsafety #portland #portlandor #portlandoregon #pdx #pdxlife #pdxnow


  • 43w ago jyhfarmer3 jyhfarmer3

    Hope it helps....

  • 43w ago sellwoodoregon sellwoodoregon

    Why not try enforcing the 25 mph limit first? Only more enforcement is going to make a difference!!

  • 43w ago anniestrong55 anniestrong55

    PLEASE enforce this new speed limit!!

  • 43w ago tourguidesarah tourguidesarah

    Awesome! Bravo 👏🏻 @pbotinfo @portlandpolice

  • 43w ago thesuzsnaps thesuzsnaps

    Great start! Will there be a similar review of 30 mph on "collectors", such as NE 15th Ave, that run through a residential area and intersect with commercial districts with 20mph main streets, like NE Alberta? Never understood why NE MLK and NE 15 have the same speed limit.

  • 43w ago rcwheels25 rcwheels25

    Neighborhood street I think is a good idea, but on 2 way main thoroughfare streets 30 is more than safe. Come people take some responsibility for your actions and drivers put down the stupid phone.

  • 43w ago hydrotube hydrotube

    This is a good start. But, residential streets should have a 15 mph limit. Main arteries and connectors should be 45 and 35. PBOT is doing a horrible job! It's painfully clear that PBOT is being run by transplants that have absolutely no clue how traffic in Portland works. Reducing speeds and adding unnecessary controls on the main arteries causes congestion and road rage. Portland prides itself on being green, but continues to add to global warming by having commuters needlessly idling at unnecessary red lights. Portland wastes around $2 million a year idling at traffic controls. PBOT needs to get out of the office and stop relying on computer simulations without real world experience. Just because it looks good on your screen, doesn't mean it actually works. PBOT also needs to fix all the LED street lights they put in. They don't have enough spectrum, and create dangerously bad visibility during rainy nights. P.S. Leave bicyclists alone. They don't need your help getting around the city and stop mixing cars and bikes. It's dangerous and causes even more congestion. I'm a 4th generation Portlander, and we're sick of you transplants making a mess of the city.

  • 43w ago hydrotube hydrotube

    @hydrotube @leahtreat @pbotinfo

  • 43w ago pbotinfo pbotinfo

    @portlandtourguide 👊

  • 43w ago pbotinfo pbotinfo

    @rcwheels25 thanks for your comment. This speed change only applies to residential streets. You can see a map of those streets on our website.

  • 43w ago hollyhixson hollyhixson

    Nice 👍 keep up the good work PBOT 😉

  • 41w ago martin_grinberg martin_grinberg


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