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hello instagram world! i am back and ready to share a bunch of vintage finds with you this week! get ready for some real gems. ✨
this post is brought to you by my current favorite corner in #theknittingqueenscastle. a former closet turned magical open-space accessories showcase. i've realized over the years that stowing away all of my jewelry and accessories doesn't really promote me actually *using* them. i mean, "out of sight out of mind" you know? so i've been using this vintage printing press tray and now i actually wear more of what i have and identify what i don't, which then allows me to let go of those unworn pieces and give them a new home.
and, of course, i always enjoy finding new and creative ways to showcase my plant bebes and sheepskins. 🌿



  • 43w ago _annalouise._ _annalouise._


  • 43w ago heyannahambly heyannahambly

    yesss bring on the finds! i’ve got lots to replace 😂

  • 43w ago folkling folkling

    @heyannahambly haha aw! let me know if there's anything in particular you're looking for! i'm happy to keep an eye out for you in my searches ✨

  • 43w ago folkling folkling

    @_annalouise._ oh you ❤️ i'm loving getting caught up on your posts. it looks like January treated oh well

  • 43w ago thistleandclay thistleandclay


  • 43w ago _jessicalarge _jessicalarge

    This is genius! And your hanging plant 😮😍

  • 43w ago lovethisrva lovethisrva

    Missed u

  • 43w ago folkling folkling

    @thistleandclay 🌞🌞🌞🌞

  • 43w ago folkling folkling

    @_jessicalarge haha well it also helps eliminate closet space where it's always tempting to stow away and hoard the "ugly" and unused things and forces you to really reckon with what it is you're really keeping and why.

  • 43w ago folkling folkling

    @lovethisrva sweet friend, that is so nice to hear thank you!

  • 43w ago _jessicalarge _jessicalarge

    @folkling I love it. Closets always seem like a dirty little secret waiting to be found out. But this one. This one is fresh air.

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