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#MuseumMonday: This mask from Mongolia depicts Namsrai, the God of Wealth. He helps keep people out of poverty, guarantees love and all the finer things in life, frees people who are in trouble or in a dangerous situation, and abolishes reasons for living with negativity - instead giving people good reasons to be living happily. Namsrai is responsible for people’s hopes and wishes. In Mongolia, during the Tsam dance, he dances around his treasure pot and gives his blessing.
This mask was donated to #SRJC Jesse Peter Museum in 2015 by Elizabeth Richardson in memory of Dr. C. Garth Dougan, her brother in law and former SRJC Dean of Students.
This and other Asian masks are on display in our museum this week, through February 8th. Admission is free and this exhibit is curated by students. .
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