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Kurdish Women's Movement of Rojava call for global solidarity campaign: Women Rise Up for Afrin!

Today in Afrin, Kongreya Star, the Kurdish Women's Movement of Rojava, launched the global solidarity campaign #WomenRiseUpForAfrin
As women from Afrin, we are determined to defend our heritage of the first women's revolution in our homeland and to succeed in a second women's revolution through our resistance against occupation and oppression. Today the ancient caves in the mountains have become our shelters which protect us from the bombings. Over 6 years, women from Afrin and all parts of Rojava have been resisting against the attacks of the Islamic State. At the same time, we have played a leading role in building up democratic structures of self-administration.

We have built up autonomous structures based on communal organising, women’s councils, academies, and cooperatives, as well as women’s self-defence. Through realizing that women’s solidarity is one of our most effective weapons, we have developed our collective strength and consciousness. Today, ten thousands of women have taken up arms to defend their land, their lives, and their future in Afrin. The resistance of the Women’s Defence Units YPJ and the women’s civil defence forces, Parastina Jinê, who have organised under the umbrella of the Women’s Movement of Rojava, Kongreya Star, are part of a women’s global resistance against any form of oppression, exploitation, femicide and fascism. Full Article: #feminist #feminism #feminismo #woman #women #afrin #ypj #sdf #kurds #kurdistan #kurdish #ypg #IRPGF #pkk #rojava

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