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More from the Cooking Encyclopedia (Ryori Hyakka, published by Shufunotomo in Tokyo, 1961.) This is a two page spread about steak, which would have been very exotic to most Japanese people in 1961. .
Big steaks or any big slab o’ beef have been associated with the US for a long time in Japan. I remember my father mentioning once that he’d bever seen a T-bone steak until his company sent him to the US for a business trip in the mid-1960s, and how he was bowled over by how huge it was. Much later on in the late ‘80s-early ‘90s visitors from Japan (we were living in NY then) always wanted to go to a steak house at least once. I don’t think that’s as much the case now though, since you can get fairly inexpensive steak in Japan now too at various chain restaurants. .
The meat sections show the names for the degrees of doneness. From top to bottom: well done, medium, medium rare and rare. “Well done” still looks pretty rare to me... and I suspect the pics for ”medium rare” and “rare” may have been reversed.... 🤔


  • 44w ago boglinetta boglinetta

    Not going to lie - These pictures have even made me very hungry! Which is the opposite of what the photos in a vintage cookbook normally do! 😂

  • 44w ago louisaherron louisaherron

    The picture next to the meat chart: is that a loaded-baked-potato style head of cauliflower? That's what my mind has filed it under 😆

  • 44w ago makiwi makiwi

    @louisaherron nah it’s a whole boiled cauliflower head with “sauce polonaise”. The jacket potatoes next to the steak are steamed not baked too. In 1961 barely anyone in Japan had a home oven.

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