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  • 27w ago pedaller pedaller

    Beautiful bike mate 👌 It was on my shortlist but thought it may be a bit too racy for my meagre talent!

  • 27w ago 5li3e_ri3e 5li3e_ri3e


  • 27w ago bryn_rides_bikes bryn_rides_bikes

    Full pics please!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • 27w ago jowwy76 jowwy76

    Di2??? Nice machine

  • 27w ago dozzina dozzina

    @pedaller stop lying, we both know your pedigree. Won’t be out til late Spring/Summer tho!

  • 27w ago pedaller pedaller

    @dozzina Haha! You're only as good as your last ride though! Lol! Yes. Deffo a spring/summer bike 😉

  • 27w ago dozzina dozzina

    @pedaller if that’s the case I should think about selling it!

  • 27w ago pedaller pedaller

    @dozzina No danger of that Kie! Sure you'll do it justice come the summer 😎

  • 27w ago d3llab d3llab


  • 27w ago dozzina dozzina

    @d3llab matchy matchy 🙂

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