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Happiest of birthdays to my favorite kid, Finnashit, on his fourth born day! ❤️ SWIPE!

Almost four years ago, someone left you at my front door and while I was sad and frustrated that they did that, I knew they had the best intentions. Thanks to them I have been able to watch you grow up to be the best swiffer duster in the world. I’ve watched you learn so much from your pack and watched you teach your little brother as well. You’re great at sharing your love but not your toys with your pack 😂 I’ve watched you swim in the water as well as hike it up like the coolest billy goat that you are. I’ve had the opportunity to travel with you around Texas and even all the way to Colorado. You always make sure to stay near me when I’m having a rough day or I’m just sad. I can’t thank you enough for your love and companionship, my little man! Happy birthday to my best friend, Finnster! 😘

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