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Batu Caves and the Murugan Statue, one of the most important Hindu shrines outside of India #malaysia #somanystairs #hindu #murugan #caves #pitchblack


  • 44w ago maskerr_spirulinaa9 maskerr_spirulinaa9

    Halo.. cek ig kita ya mungkin ada yg dibutuhkan, kami free konsultasi :)

  • 44w ago

    Nicee Have fun you two. make a wish for me bruz h

  • 44w ago johorbeard johorbeard

    Where else in Malaysia are you going? I live down south in Johor Bahru

  • 44w ago

    Wow u live there luke?

  • 44w ago johorbeard johorbeard yeah for 3 years. I'm in South Korea for the next month with the Olympics but Malaysia is home

  • 44w ago wylz wylz

    @johorbeard hey mate just in KL to surprise the mrs working here, back to Sydney soon. Malaysia is a lovely place!

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