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"As you open this letter, you may have just received the news that you’re finally accepted into medical school. You could not contain your excitement because you’re finally seeing the beginning of a dream."

Bec of my inconsistency of not uploading regularly (overloaded as always of med and many other things) I thought this content will fail to empower as many as it can. But it never fails to surprise me, that again, bec. of your unwavering support, this latest collab reached thousands! TYSM❤️ Your DMs and remarks will always be my motivation to continue finding ways to be an instrument of inspiration. 💖🙇

This is my biggest collaboration yet, ft. the latest board topnotchers of Physician Licensure Exam 2017. I wanted to let everyone of us, have a closer look on the minds of these amazing people. If you haven't seen yet, definitely check it out #ontheblog #linkonmybio. Tag and inspire your friends! 💕


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