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Happy Birthday to my 2 AWESOME #LabRats heroes @itsoanagregory (Stephanie) and @ashleyargota9 (Taylor / S-1). Can’t believe it’s already been a year since I became one of Oana’s biggest fans and since that very day, she’s been my Guardian Angel from long distance and as a reward for being so great to me as a fan, she’ll be my newest Shoulder Angel (or in her case, my Guardian Shoulder Angel) for my Basketball Games starting Wednesday when we play Huron County at Home joining @iamlilimar, @savannahlmay and @dibenedettolexi who’ve been with me since the Season Opener vs. Summit County at Home when I had that spectacular Chasedown Block so maybe Oana can assist the 3 #KnightSquad⚔️ girls in boosting my confidence since I’ll now have 4 TV heroes of mine as my Spiritual Guides to victory. As for Miss Ashley, the 1st time we communicated was last February on Twitter after an Xfinity Series Race at Daytona when we were discussing how you weren’t getting all your mentions and that’s what started our friendship that’ll NEVER end. I honestly hope the Lakers win for your special day as a Birthday Present just for you but come Thursday, IT’S ON!!! I love you both so much, keep Livin’ la Vida Lab Rats and long live Stephanie and Taylor / S-1! 🎊🎉🎁🎈🎂😘❤️💜💖💗💘💕💞 #LabRats #LabRatsBionicIsland #LabRatsEliteForce #LabRatsEliteForceSeason2 #LabRatsEliteForceMovie #LREF #BestShowEver #MusicalLabRats #OanaGregory #Stephanie #Hero #FanSince2017 #Queen #Adorable #HappyBirthdayOanaGregory #AshleyArgota #Taylor #S1 #HappyBirthdayAshleyArgota #GoSpursGo



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