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Some thoughts on where 2018 is going to bring me. I have been sitting in "creator mode" for a while now and it feel less creative than when I am in the midst of the somehow more comfy karmic rollercoaster; it feels much slower to be the creator of my dharma and taking pro-creative steps, however tiny, instead of reactive ones. Moving to the island or the Middle-East was a reactive one, finishing my book content and editing thoroughly was reactive, creating my family and the right support was reactive, and now I am testing the grounds.. how to proceed when we only know Peace and Purpose in and out? Where to go from here if I want to take the next hurdle and pro-create? Not to mention that I am a recovering semi-hoarder, considered lazy and super slow, so I work myself through unconventional ways, also quite 80's so a bit of a geek. I'll toast to that #creationmode #makingsomethingmove #makingmemove #makingthemove #makingmoves #creator #lifedesign #destination #divinewill #divineliving #slowliving #simpleliving #geekliving



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