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Twinkle is a 4 year old Irish sport pony. She is coming into work now and my trainer has allowed me to help train her once a week. She gets schooled properly by experienced adult trainers/riders. (keep the negative criticism about green on green to yourselves plz)
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  • 57w ago showhoof showhoof

    I have a Irish Sport’s coloured horse she is 15.1 and I’m 14 she is 4 same as your pony she is still green but I’m working on it 😍

  • 57w ago showhoof showhoof

    She seem very kind

  • 57w ago _rocio.bg_ _rocio.bg_

    It’s yours?

  • 57w ago sweetbigstrides sweetbigstrides

    @0_0_unknownoodles_0_0_ its better for his spine :)

  • 57w ago kaziamaguirebruce kaziamaguirebruce

    @0_0_unknownoodles_0_0_ Idk if you're referring to that riding breaks their spines but, it doesn't. The most common way of putting strain on their backs is by putting too much weight on them which most people in the equine world who are knowledge-able will be smart enough not to do, or another way but be an I'll fitted saddle which is easy to fix, breaking their spine on the other hand would have to come to serious measures to do so if you don't know anything about horses please stop making idiotic comments on a topic you obviously have no idea about.

  • 57w ago gracefarley_xx gracefarley_xx

    What a brilliant little rider !!!! 😍

  • 57w ago _eloise_485 _eloise_485

    Beautifull ❤️

  • 57w ago eq.maeve eq.maeve

    This is amazing and such a great learning experience for both of you!!

  • 57w ago sanni_vayrynen sanni_vayrynen

    @hannahroser19 Usually horses develop slower than ponies and because of that you can ride a 4yo pony already :) But with horses I would be more careful because they usually need more time to grow.

  • 57w ago whooooshh whooooshh

    @hunter_strides_ exactly! I have beginners ride my 5 year old (just in the round yard without a bridle) because it helps get him used to smaller cues and different riders

  • 57w ago hannahroser19 hannahroser19

    @sanni_vayrynen ok thanks. I actually didn't know that!♥️🐴

  • 57w ago sanni_vayrynen sanni_vayrynen

    @hannahroser19 Yeah np!! But usually I don't recommend 4yo horses to jump big jumps but these aren't so big so I don't think it's a problem☺ Sorry for my bad english!! 😂😂

  • 57w ago hannahroser19 hannahroser19

    @sanni_vayrynen it's cool😂😂😂

  • 57w ago _.holly.currie._ _.holly.currie._

    That's so cool!!!!!!! I love it!! It's great for you to ride different types of ponies and especially young ones!!

  • 56w ago mischa.gil mischa.gil

    How old is she

  • 56w ago alya_meshar_almheiri alya_meshar_almheiri

    @tiny.mischa 4

  • 56w ago mischa.gil mischa.gil

    @alya_meshar_almheiri Cutie and you?

  • 56w ago chinchillafriend chinchillafriend

    @hannahroser19 no

  • 56w ago jordynlee710 jordynlee710

    @0_0_unknownoodles_0_0_ you truly are uneducated how old are you? The "bent neck " is collection and is actually way more beneficial for the horse to be ridden that way than hollow with a "straight neck" as you like to put it. And just because you like horses or someone in your family may have one doesn't mean you're educated on them riding them or their anatomy . Before I even further my remarks do you even know what sway back is? Because thats what happens to horses when ridden with "straight necks" they hollow out their backs and over time warp them to where yea they kinda are having their backs broken . The way she rides strengthens a horses back . If you ride the way you have said for this girl to ride it will weaken a horses back . Please learn before going off giving false advice that I'm glad she won't take because it could potentially injure a horse in the long run

  • 56w ago alya_meshar_almheiri alya_meshar_almheiri

    @tiny.mischa 7

  • 56w ago alya_meshar_almheiri alya_meshar_almheiri

    @roo.2005 no belongs to stable.owner

  • 56w ago mischa.gil mischa.gil

    @alya_meshar_almheiri Oh My Gosh really! You are such a good rider. I’m sure you will make it far! What country you in? I’m in Australia

  • 56w ago jordynlee710 jordynlee710

    @0_0_unknownoodles_0_0_ no but the fact I work for an a circuit jumper farm and I'm going to school to be a vet tech I'm positive I'm more educated than you now here in this video was she too far behind the vertical but you don't even know what that means and hyper-flexion of the neck DOES NOT CAUSE LAMENESS. Please educate yourself

  • 56w ago jordynlee710 jordynlee710

    @0_0_unknownoodles_0_0_ no I don't have him on the bit while jumping in my most recent I was bareback and playing around but by no means is he hollow his hind end is engaged and is moving correctly when he is doing actually work he is in a frame most of the time . But you seem very jealous of people with their own horses . You aren't educated enough to give your opinion about someone else's horse especially when they have a trainer . And just a tip when you give your opinion it's not valued

  • 56w ago alya_meshar_almheiri alya_meshar_almheiri

    @tiny.mischa in dubai x

  • 56w ago mischa.gil mischa.gil

    @alya_meshar_almheiri naww

  • 56w ago anna.vist anna.vist

    You look great👍but isnt The Horse to big for you, If The Horse Runs off i dont think you can stop him🙃

  • 54w ago eqluxe eqluxe

    I started when I was 6 I was 8 when I got my first pony she was 4. We grew together and I showed her until I was 13. Green on green teaches you. 💕💕❣️❣️

  • 54w ago

    How tall is she @alya_meshar_almheiri

  • 53w ago kaylin.corotis kaylin.corotis

    Your eq is absolutely amazing

  • 53w ago alya_meshar_almheiri alya_meshar_almheiri

    @bueno_andme we think 14.3

  • 47w ago 3hd.9 3hd.9

    ما شاء الله

  • 43w ago equiichilli equiichilli

    How big is she

  • 43w ago alya_meshar_almheiri alya_meshar_almheiri

    @equiichilli not sure .maybe 14.2.or 14.3

  • 41w ago _aliyah_x_ _aliyah_x_

    I don’t think she is green I’m bringing a 5 year old into work you look amazing 😉

  • 6w ago sonyabutton sonyabutton

    Green is good! They tell you what you got right and what you didn't. Believe me, I know all about it! But when I get it, I can transfer it to my own horse 😊

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