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#красныйглазкаула #красныйглаззабрахмана #каулакрасныйглаз #флешмоб #кауладхарма #тантра #йога #адвайта #ШриСиддхадэви #Митрадэвананда #свободуМитрадэву #redeyeofkaula #redeyeforbrahman #kaularedeye #flashmob #kauladharma #tantra #yoga #advayta #ShriSiddhadevi #Mitradevananda #freeMitradev The family of untouchable outcasts Mishins and their satellites mustn't get away with insult and libel of Rishi Mitradevananda. The family of Rishi, all who support us, for whatsoever reason, and Mitradevananda himself will wear at least one red contact lense until these dregs breathe. Make photos and videos for social networks. These lowborn need to know that enough people will rise up for Siddha Yogi so the hillbillies regret that they were born. We are waiting for talented psychics who will be able to predict precisely the day when protein synthesis of the main hillbillies will stop as Niti-Sastra says "By offending a kinsman, life is lost; by offending others, wealth is lost; by offending the king, everything is lost; and by offending a brahmin one's whole family is ruined" Photos "Red eye"… No to Russian repressions: Free Yogi Mitradev! How Moscow Uses Interpol to Pursue Its Enemies Non-violent protest Mitradevananda in Bulgarian mass media Петиция "НЕТ репрессиям РФ: Свободу йогу Митрадэву!" Подписать на русском Подписать на болгарском Фотоальбом "Red Eye" Митрадэвананда в болгарских медиа Каула VS Бастрыкин Каула VS Гостеррористы Публичная страница Free Mitradev Группа "Хоботач" о необъявленной гражданской войне в стране, захваченной террористической группировкой


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