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Day 4 - Get Lost
I think today’s Instagram stories explains this picture. Unsure of which way I’m going with my journey, everything feels a bit overwhelming and blurry.
I get anxious at not knowing what’s on the other side, I like to overlook and evaluate everything constantly and with this part coming up, I’m unable to see it... so I’m lost.

I’m feeling all emotions at the moment, happy, sad, confused, excited , nervous, strong, confused and most of all I’m feeling scared.
I’m not afraid to tell you all that I’m scared, what’s the point... I’ll only be lying to myself if I didn’t. •
So Which way do you go chan...?? Well... you follow the path which you keep building beneath you, you keep on jumping over every hurdle and branch that gets thrown at you and you keep going, there is NO finish line. •
You don’t need a map or directions on this journey (or a postcode book as a prop) you just need to feel your way using your inner self thoughts and spirit. I’m proud of you chan, today was a tough day for you and emotionally but we are on the right path and there is no going back. 💕
Keep doing you boo 😘

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