Instagram post by @shokosugiofficial Sho Kosugi


  • 58w ago gustavonieto6515 gustavonieto6515

    Una de nuestras favoritas

  • 58w ago henriques.danilo henriques.danilo

    Back to the action movies!

  • 58w ago miguelsants miguelsants

    One of my favorite movies. Shogun Mayeda was Great! I would like to get in HD

  • 58w ago miguelsants miguelsants

    You Master, you was Really a huge Inspiration and Role model to dedicate my life to Seriously Study and Training in the Ninpo. Thank you very much for all your dedication, all your movies and all these years. I wish you an amazing Year. Hooping see you Again in movies soon.

  • 58w ago ninjashokosugifan ninjashokosugifan

    Wonderful picture from a wonderful movie. Hope it will be released on Blu-ray soon.

  • 58w ago lit71 lit71

    Happy and great year this 2018.please post some videos

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