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Tokyo you continue to amaze. ❤️ #Proposalversary


  • 67w ago ethankjellvander ethankjellvander

    Ooh welcome to Tokyo. I am in Tokyo now as well !

  • 67w ago c.sonaud c.sonaud

    Welcome to Tokyo!Have a nice trip!

  • 67w ago peggfully peggfully


  • 67w ago fleurvilagos fleurvilagos

    You both are beautiful. Wish you a good time.

  • 67w ago fairytalebae fairytalebae

    YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING!!! 💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍🌎🌎🌎🌎💎💎💎💎

  • 67w ago kumu95 kumu95

    "Please calm down at night". Love that.

  • 67w ago samanthagogo samanthagogo

    Please enjoy❤️

  • 67w ago futaba0209 futaba0209

    @ethankjellvander Do u like @rebeccawisocky

  • 67w ago futaba0209 futaba0209

    @c.sonaud Love @rebeccawisocky 😌💓 U too?

  • 67w ago futaba0209 futaba0209

    Come on Akita Prefecture, Rebecca😭🙌🏻💓

  • 67w ago qsg49 qsg49

    have fun holidays it’s an amazing country 😍😁😁

  • 66w ago lisadekezelx lisadekezelx

    Just finished devious maids! It was by far the best serie I ever saw, I loved you in this ! 😘 will there ever be a new season ?😍

  • 66w ago rebeccawisocky rebeccawisocky

    @lisadekezelx Thanks for watching! But sadly no, that’s the end! 😘

  • 66w ago __lapaz __lapaz


  • 65w ago misshsiaotaipeillusion misshsiaotaipeillusion

    welcome to China 伊芙琳夫人~❤️

  • 64w ago jacquew254 jacquew254

    Devious maids is by far my best series.. And i love you so much @rebeccawisocky You are amazing and very funny 😊💕 Cant wait for the next season

  • 63w ago steeleahy steeleahy

    When oh when will I get to meet you!?!? Xxxx

  • 62w ago yanghedi0312 yanghedi0312

    👍1⃣ 😸

  • 62w ago xunahecatey xunahecatey

    ❤️ you dear!Deeply know you from Devious Maids,but actually the first met was in The Colser,you had a role as an attorney, and from Sex and the City, Seaosn 3(maybe?) you had one sense( maybe its the edition issue that you only had 10seconds show in the only one episode. A pity,cause I was hoping to see u more🤣I really like your performance. Wish you happy and have a more splendid career life.❤️🌺

  • 60w ago mazmzl mazmzl

    @rebeccawisocky. Are there any plans for a new show you might work on, preferably a big role like Evelyn. You were just so perfect. Your guest starrings are also very cool, but I think I speak for many of your followers here just wanting to see MORE 😍

  • 57w ago cdrice999 cdrice999

    @rebeccawisocky Is that you I just saw, or do you have a doppelganger, on the promo for the next episode of @911onfox? Please be back on my TV screen! 😍🤩😁

  • 50w ago vickiproudwifeandmomma vickiproudwifeandmomma

    Please keep Devious Maids or bring a show like it...with all you wonderful ladys

  • 38w ago the_happy_dog_couple the_happy_dog_couple

    I love you from Devious Maids!!! You were the best in the show!!! I hope you enjoyed my country 🇯🇵😘

  • 37w ago nine.three.999 nine.three.999

    Did you enjoy yourself in Japan?

  • 37w ago nine.three.999 nine.three.999

    Please come again‼️🌸✨

  • 34w ago tym__08 tym__08

    だいすき❤️from Japan 🇯🇵

  • 33w ago xclemeent xclemeent


  • 13w ago dr_dante_ dr_dante_


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