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found this old gem from before insta/fb??? Autumn/ Seshwan creep van & instructions @tino_razo @autumndave @nastyneckface1


  • 48w ago tino_razo tino_razo

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Damn I miss that thing.

  • 48w ago labatomy labatomy


  • 48w ago charleschatov charleschatov

    Tino’s pennywise tape stick in the tape deck

  • 48w ago tino_razo tino_razo

    Hahahaha!!! That was @uncleronniestokes tape. Such rad times in that thing

  • 48w ago asymmetry_013 asymmetry_013

    Saw it parked in a lot next to the police/fire station on Tillary St for years, always wondered if it had been impounded.

  • 48w ago visual_mechanics_inc visual_mechanics_inc

    But use it to move all your stuff into your new apt while the landlord watches!!!

  • 48w ago randommountain randommountain

    I went to jail due to a tail light out on that van. Had to leave #lucytherat in a tool box with 1/2 a deli sandwich for @autumndave to rescue while I was locked up.

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