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    Apparently in truly outrageous arrogance of some designers- the homeless look is “hot hot hot” this season.
    Ignorance knows no bounds nor connection with the problem of suffering. And Capitalism shows how heartlessly opportunistic it is.

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    The homeless look was in a satiric /sardonic /sarcastic very funny movie. I am sure you saw it. The look was called DERELIQUE.

  • 31w ago wasmosis wasmosis

    I LOVE THOSE BLANKETS ! too bad it's not a good cause

  • 31w ago paulwongprojects paulwongprojects

    @wasmosis haha - I so wanted .

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    @smallstudiodesign It’s also a look for weekend festivals .

  • 31w ago smallstudiodesign smallstudiodesign

    @paulwongprojects i s’pose ... it’s difficult for me to process having worked with people needing basic housing - I don’t think anyone I’ve met/interviewed who suffer homelessness/near homelessness (in housing crisis) in public participation community Design workshops would EVER be the least bit amused by this Designer 👩‍🎨 collection. But hey - it’s a feee market.

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    They seem also about becoming shrouded - slightly native blanket-ish, meets poncho - meets caveman - deconstructing the constraints of the western coat- a call to nature- blankets and poncho are freedom -

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    I have a blanket and I can sew. Sew there.


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