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  • 61w ago cassmendozaa cassmendozaa

    Está de verdad me súper encanto 👏😍🎧 y la versión completa?

  • 61w ago ailekh_duarte ailekh_duarte

    @cassmendozaa Muchísimas gracias cass ❤ y esque insta no puede subir vídeos tan largos :/ si había grabado más de hecho

  • 61w ago cassmendozaa cassmendozaa

    @ailekh_duarte Muy bonita! La verdad no me canso de escucharla💕

  • 61w ago miriam_lugo_uwu miriam_lugo_uwu

    Cantas muy bien.

  • 55w ago alexismandramusic alexismandramusic

    Buena fotito!!😊😊 besoss

  • 55w ago ailekh_duarte ailekh_duarte

    @alexismandramusic Pero es vídeo jaja gracias

  • 32w ago ailekh_duarte ailekh_duarte


  • 22w ago harunacasprin harunacasprin


  • 21w ago iamkrxs iamkrxs

    hey i just posted a new cover and it’d mean loads if you could check it out and let me know what you think

  • 20w ago theinnocentsg theinnocentsg

    Nice👌🏼my band have just released a brand new music video! It would mean a lot if you could check it out and let me know what you think! (Link in bio)😊

  • 20w ago aimyschefner aimyschefner

    I really like what you doing in here. Keep it up🔥 I'm also singing covers, if you want to hear it's on my Instagram page:)

  • 18w ago semayah_saravon semayah_saravon

    🙏🔥 Nice!!😇🙏😁 Can you check out my page too please? 🙏🙏😇😁

  • 18w ago vsembanda vsembanda

    super mp3
    Follew me
    (Auto like)

  • 17w ago theevasong theevasong

    👍 🍇

  • 17w ago ant_utama ant_utama

    Love it!

  • 16w ago joemcgowanmusic joemcgowanmusic


  • 14w ago cheekyinkltd234 cheekyinkltd234

    Oh my God... I must say the world has never before witnessed such talent.. I am amazed.. And honoured to have come across this 😍😍❤😘 Consider me your BIGGEST fan! 😍❤💯 Oh and if you ever need music beats check out @boogeymanproductions hes dope 😊

  • 13w ago jonyprivat jonyprivat

    🙌 #luisfonsi

  • 13w ago gravitybonger gravitybonger

    Dope ✌️ Whachu post is cool keep doin whachu doo

  • 13w ago ara_tfac ara_tfac

    Hai... Saya AЯA, Salam Kenal... tolong dong FOLLOW IG aku, Klo udah... Pasti ku FOLLOW Balik IG kamu dan gak akan pernah ku unfollow lagi. Makasihh yach...😍😍😍

  • 7w ago soulpadofficial soulpadofficial


  • 5w ago jongettyy jongettyy

    Woahhhh you just killed that cover!! you have one of the most AWESOME AND UNIQUE voices I’ve ever heard In my life!🙌🏻😭 keep up the great work and never ever stop going after your dreams because you are capable of achieving so much more than you know!! REMEMBER the sky’s the limit so never stop going after what you believe in🌠🌠 I am going to keep supporting you throughout your journey!! Also I’m doing this little promo thing not to big but if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, every day I will be picking a couple people to promote on my channel. Also follow me on Instagram @jongettyy!!!!.🙌🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻LINK IN BIO!!

  • 5w ago rumahgizi121 rumahgizi121

    Mantap... fo1bek ya kaka

  • 5w ago barak1414 barak1414

    luv ❤️

  • 1w ago b_sway18 b_sway18

    This is AWESOME!

  • 1w ago gorillatonstudio gorillatonstudio


  • 1w ago

    Sounds great!

  • 4d ago _____vuqar_baxishli_____ _____vuqar_baxishli_____

    Gözel paylaşım

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