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For a template challenge at Oscraps. Template from NBK Designs; elements from CreaDorena, NBK Designs, and Tangie Baxter. The font is Courier. ⠀

The poem is mine:⠀


Cold Moon⠀

Each month I show you the same face, ⠀
and you call me a different name. ⠀

Now you call me Cold Moon, ⠀
but I am always cold. ⠀

You call me Long Night Moon, ⠀
but my nights are always long, ⠀

bright on one side, dark the other. ⠀
I am the same, always, and you ⠀

make of me what you desire. Magical, ⠀
monstrous, indifferent, muse.⠀

I pull at your blood, and you ⠀
deny me. We yearn for one ⠀

another, stone of my stone, fire ⠀
of my fire, night of my night. ⠀


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