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Never be afraid to take the road less traveled. Click the link in our bio to visit our website and learn how Laura Maxwell took the road less traveled to chart her own path at Frito-Lay.


  • 63w ago nw_moto_and_guns nw_moto_and_guns

    But what if youre a shitty person. Shouldnt you change who you are at that point? You know, so youre not a shitty leader?

  • 62w ago putadereina putadereina

    Pls read me DM

  • 62w ago nitelopienses_ nitelopienses_

    Best job in my whole Life... thank you Fritolay

  • 62w ago haha.lizz haha.lizz

    Ok but where the Cheeto asteroids

  • 62w ago mitchel_m1 mitchel_m1

    @fritolay can I please have a follow?

  • 61w ago wong.foodie wong.foodie

    yes, loving this ☺

  • 61w ago smoke_d931 smoke_d931

    Thanks for the opportunity, I can't wait to start my new job hopefully career! I needed this so much, the days of struggling and worrying are over!

  • 61w ago thinkofsomething2 thinkofsomething2

    Bring back hot cheetos astroids

  • 61w ago goldtremella goldtremella

    Bring back salsa doritos

  • 61w ago goldtremella goldtremella

    Salsa verde is like putting ice in your soda and leaving it in the sun for two hours.

  • 59w ago briannejames513 briannejames513

    Awesome advice

  • 58w ago ina_blaze ina_blaze

    So on a 1-10 how cancerous is all your genetically modified "food" 😂 I can't believe ppl eat this crap 💩

  • 51w ago millslelone millslelone

    thanks 4 this....perfect timing to see really...hello im Christopher Mills from Louisiana i have a flavor to submit, and believe that name it's self will sale, due to how popular the dish is. The flavor is called "SuthernRotel"or "SouthernRotel" I believe the flavor would be best on a corn chip. Pretty serious about this. Let me know what you think.

  • 47w ago canadiansforbuffaloranch canadiansforbuffaloranch

    @fritolay I’m glad you seem to think this way. I will not stop until I have buffalo ranch back. Please help me

  • 11w ago valencia_ast valencia_ast


  • 2w ago guvara1618 guvara1618

    We need flamin hot cheetos in Germany

  • 2w ago guvara1618 guvara1618

    We need flamin Hot cheetos in Germany

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