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as soon as a graduated college all i wanted to do was be a rebel. do the whole move to a big city. get all the jobs shooting celebrity and talent. make a name for myself kind of thing. and why? because i had a lot of people i thought i needed to prove wrong. so much more to say on this but to keep it brief i’ll just say that “f you fuel” is a very real thing and a very powerful motivator.
even worse- i started to believe all this myself too. that if i didn't leave, if i didn't shoot for this person or that person or make x dollars a year that it was all for nothing.
fast forward to now and life lead me to stay planted in my hometown where i still live today. the past years have been filled with a lot of life i didn’t plan but it’s been rich lessons in loss, letting go and staying put. yes, i get to travel, and often, but i’m surprised at how good it feels to be here in the middle of the states, in the middle of hundreds of miles of corn fields, at a place i call home.
lately i’ve been thinking, what if the most rebellious thing i could do would be to stay here? to show up for the people around me in my hometown and home state. try to make a community out of the creatives here. be the best brother i can be. be there for my mom. be someone that a younger me would look up to. it all just has a different more rich taste and it’s one of peace and value and worth and a deep down feeling of being a rebel but with a reason. it feels better in my bones.
i bring this up because i think there are many of us feeling like we have a lot of people to impress, to prove wrong and at the top of that mountain of judgement stands ourselves being our own worst enemy and a voice saying we’re not doing anything worth while. i hope you hated the questions about your job and life and what you're up to as much as i did over the holidays because it’s far harder to tell people what you’re up to isn’t where you are or the job you have but the happiness you’re chasing or being a great sister or just not giving up on yourself. i’m not where i thought i’d be but what i know about myself is more than i ever thought i’d know. maybe you feel some of this too.


  • 53w ago nature_mom nature_mom

    What is life if not family and friends? Love your words that resonate inside so many hearts.

  • 53w ago courtneylwilson courtneylwilson

    I feel this and it makes me happy to see you trying to build up the creative community in Nebraska. Life brought me to Arizona, but I’m still deeply connected to where I come from. My family is there, many of my best friends are there, and unless you’re from there you don’t really understand it. People have asked me “wait you don’t watch football, why are you wearing a huskers shirt?” And my response is always just “it’s Saturday, it’s game day, it’s what you do 🤷🏻‍♀️” and I feel like that sums it up in a weird way.

  • 53w ago hannahnahcurry hannahnahcurry

    Love this, Wyn! Just what I needed to hear today.

  • 53w ago ashleyssevick ashleyssevick

    You're doing it! I brag about you all the time. No need to prove anything to anyone! Be your authentic self! You've got this!

  • 53w ago kaylamack93 kaylamack93

    🙌🏼🙌🏼 Seriously. I do hate answering those dumb questions to all the people older than me ...

  • 53w ago daniellestasiukphotography daniellestasiukphotography


  • 53w ago

    Really fantastic my friend. Proud of you.

  • 53w ago dbstanczyk dbstanczyk

    Feel exactly the same! We’re glad your here! You are playing a role in putting #lnk on the map! Sooo talented and inspiring brother, you make things seem possible. Thank you!

  • 53w ago taylortracywalsh taylortracywalsh

    Yes to ALL of this!! I had the “dream job”, the great salary, the exotic paid vacations, the celebrity clientele...I didn’t have myself though. I had become the absolute worst version of myself filled with anger, anxiety, panic, & depression. Once I gave all of that up and focused on investing in myself, I truly became the happiness that I was chasing. Great words, Wyn. 💜

  • 53w ago caroline.a.murphy caroline.a.murphy

    Love ❤️ needed this!

  • 53w ago saraknobelphoto saraknobelphoto

    Inspired by you and don't even know you. You manage to feel like a friend and a voice of goodness and reason to so many on this lil app! You're fantastic, Wyn!

  • 53w ago jay_and_jess jay_and_jess

    Wow. Totally. ❤️

  • 53w ago mercpope mercpope

    @tielaa all our talks about being more than just your job title...🙌🏼

  • 53w ago ryanpedmonds ryanpedmonds

    This is beautiful thank you for sharing

  • 53w ago benpankonin benpankonin

    Love it.

  • 53w ago

    Yes.... to all of it

  • 53w ago regansully regansully

    @kschulzz THIS!!

  • 53w ago regansully regansully

    @kschulzz THIS!!

  • 53w ago regansully regansully

    @emmaquinlyn omg

  • 53w ago regansully regansully

    @emmaquinlyn hi

  • 53w ago regansully regansully

    @emmaquinlyn was reading comments and saw urs and literally same 10000000% I’m shocked

  • 53w ago kschulzz kschulzz

    @regansully okay wow???????

  • 53w ago regansully regansully

    @kschulzz stunned

  • 53w ago kschulzz kschulzz

    @regansully was he listening to our conversation 30 min ago or

  • 53w ago emmaquinlyn emmaquinlyn

    @regansully !!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS

  • 53w ago maximumrays maximumrays

    It's been said 100+ times but this is so powerful! @yourgirlmere is my sweet dear friend who introduced me to your IG and you always have such an inspirational journey I love following. Thanks both of you!

  • 53w ago janssen.nel janssen.nel

    Pretty sure this isn't Lincoln

  • 53w ago emileeprado emileeprado

    i feel this so much. i kinda made a post similar just a few days a go. it’s weird but so freeing to realize HEY maybe you’re right where you need to be, and it’s good, and you aren’t a failure just bc you’re back in your hometown. ahhh love this, please keep sharing lil bits of your heart

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  • 53w ago heathstiltner heathstiltner

    This is wonderful. I’ve done the same and even though I struggle to find work in my home state from time to time, being able to create beautiful things with the beautiful people here make it worth it.

  • 53w ago scoutandbex scoutandbex

    Love this post. Totally relate

  • 53w ago olsonamandaa olsonamandaa

    @laurenofabell I love this.

  • 53w ago angiesloan angiesloan

    You are one super wonderful human and I adore that heart inside of you. It's such a lovely loving heart full of so much goodness. 💛

  • 53w ago lenatphotography lenatphotography

    So much this!! I always said I’d get the hell out of my hometown. And get a job and not marry young. Here I am, in my hometown with my college sweetheart and a toddler. 😂 but it feels right now. I completely understand. I love this so much! Also F Instagram because I have barely been seeing your posts lately 😭

  • 53w ago yourgirlmere yourgirlmere

    @maximumrays ❤️❤️❤️ love you Max!!

  • 53w ago mavallejophoto mavallejophoto

    ♥️ U!!! 👊🏼

  • 51w ago henri_bz henri_bz

    Glad I found this profile 👋

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  • 3d ago thehappylizard thehappylizard

    I find myself back in my hometown—back in the house I grew up in, no less—by choice, but I am struggling with it. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found and read this today. 🙏

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