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  • 16w ago _calebstone _calebstone

    Trump is legitimately legit 🤘

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    He needs to stop. I support trump but we don’t need another war overseas. Let’s just try to actually travel to NORTH KOREA and discuss terms. If trump really wants to prove rocket man that he isn’t afraid to meet him face to face, let’s send trump over there. Once again full trump supporter but let’s not take this threat as a joke.

  • 16w ago shinny_36 shinny_36

    Trump face killas ✊🏽🇺🇸

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    Korea’s got Fx gas they want to put on those nicks a half

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  • 16w ago mark_knaffler mark_knaffler

    @floridaconservatives You think this makes Trump tough? Why did he skip Vietnam and do you think his sons are going to fight for us? Please let me know your thoughts

  • 16w ago peninsulasolar peninsulasolar

    Complete retard

  • 15w ago still_elpunk still_elpunk

    I believe that Trump will have a biopic in the near future and the actor who plays his role will probably be awarded an Oscar. That means we're all the real cast but the mad part is none of this looks believable

  • 15w ago lalodavilad lalodavilad

    Trump supporters, enjoy and shut up: @floridaconservatives @conservative.nation1776 @conservative.american @millennials_4_trump @millennial_republicans

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @lalodavilad cant copy paste an Instagram comment... I’m pretty sure that’s something biased and supports your view though...

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @mark_knaffler it he wasn’t eligible for service before it started...

  • 15w ago mark_knaffler mark_knaffler

    @millennials_4_trump there must have been so much patriotism in the Trump household that I am sure his boys are going to serve?

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @mark_knaffler dude, you saw a meme on occupy democrats or some liberal page that made a joke about trump kids not serving if a war starts. As if you actually cared.

  • 15w ago mark_knaffler mark_knaffler

    @millennials_4_trump I do care and what is your response to that? Is it acceptable to put other kids in harms way but not your own. #trumplogic #jenius #stablejenius ps you are a Millennial, are you up for going to fight a war for Trump? Answer honestly

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @mark_knaffler because I don’t think you got mad when other president’s kids didn’t serve... if it somehow makes you feel better, Pence’s kid served. It’s a shitty argument. Trump hasn’t even invaded anyone and won’t if nobody tries shit. If a war with North Korea starts it won’t even have boots on the ground. We can intercept their shit and turn them into a parking lot in 3 minutes. Pretty sure you dislike trump, but to bring up his kids not serving is far fetched and ridiculous.

  • 15w ago mark_knaffler mark_knaffler

    @millennials_4_trump no other presidents were hugging the flag like Mr T. Ps if you think a world war take 3 minutes , you are a millennial. Do some history homework.

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @mark_knaffler what’s wrong with loving America... the thing with North Korea is that it wouldn’t be a world war. Nobody is on their side, not even China anymore. Do your homework bud

  • 15w ago mark_knaffler mark_knaffler

    @millennials_4_trump you are right. The rest of the world will just watch us bomb them. Go google your homework and watch reruns of friends

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @mark_knaffler North Korea has no allies... if we won’t retaliate, China, South Korea and others will attack North Korea instead... common sense.

  • 15w ago igenconservative igenconservative

    @mark_knaffler you’re one of those people that only research what they want to hear and are more sarcastic than actually knowledgeable.

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