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I am a word person. I love to weigh and measure and sift words. I love the full value of a word. So, this process of choosing a word for the year is one I hold dear. Usually, I’m a few beats behind and don’t have a word until a couple weeks into January. But this word found me last fall. It’s a good one. We’re going to live together very well indeed. 🎉
Have you chosen a word? Did one choose you? Tell me about it, please?


  • 50w ago traceyltims traceyltims

    Usually I pick my own word, but this year when I was picking my saint I let the computer pick my word also. My word is Perseverance and while I really wanted to change it to Faith I am going to trust and embrace the word that was meant for me!

  • 50w ago cajuntexasmom cajuntexasmom

    @sarahloutherese live this idea!

  • 50w ago cajuntexasmom cajuntexasmom

    @maryaliceteti beautiful!

  • 50w ago christie_vaughn christie_vaughn

    @kelsi_wilson13 oh girl thanks I'll do that!! 🙌 also I miss you!! We need to go to Evelyn park and catch up!!

  • 50w ago momentsinfaith momentsinfaith

    I too used a word generator and got Action. It is perfect for me.

  • 50w ago aliciamk82 aliciamk82

    I did the word generator. It gave me the word “mother”. So much to ponder here!

  • 50w ago soldiergurl2 soldiergurl2

    @mom2boys21 Thank you love. I appreciate it.

  • 50w ago dnbajb86 dnbajb86

    My word is savor. With kids growing up, my youngest turned 12 today and my oldest got engaged at Christmas. I want to savor - not rush

  • 50w ago uncommongrace uncommongrace

    I love your handwriting.

  • 50w ago michellemdiment michellemdiment

    I've been working for several days on the Lara Casey process but my word hasn't found me yet. I know the "feel" of what I want but, nothing fits yet. I need my word!

  • 50w ago swimdriver swimdriver


  • 50w ago kelsi.l.wilson kelsi.l.wilson

    @christie_vaughn yes we please!! Or come over for a hot toddy while it’s cold 😊

  • 50w ago misselthwaite_matters misselthwaite_matters

    Mine is rather odd... “relish.” I used the random generator that Jen Fulweiler provided, and this one came up twice. After I stopped thinking about hot dogs, I began to ponder how to “relish” something might mean more along the lines of “rejoice” and “contentment,” both things I need to “relish” more. Also, an archaic definition of “relish” is “to make more pleasant,” and what do I want to do for my family but to make life more pleasant for them? So “relish” it is for 2018!

  • 50w ago em374 em374

    Love it.

  • 50w ago em374 em374


  • 50w ago bernardamanda bernardamanda

    My word is "intention"....really looking forward to where this journey will take me.

  • 50w ago lindseychad lindseychad

    Anchor or Simplify or Hygge. Can’t fully decide.

  • 50w ago lindseychad lindseychad

    Is this a specific planner or book? I always marvel at your colorful resources.

  • 50w ago vdesomber vdesomber

    I chose "Surrender" (to the will of God,) "Conquer" (my inclination to always turn to sugar,) and "Prudence" came from the word generator. Let's go 2018!

  • 50w ago blessedandbusy blessedandbusy

    Nourish. For many reasons,but particularly because it starts with no.

  • 50w ago blessedandbusy blessedandbusy

    My word from the @jenniferfulwiler word generator was recalibrate. Spot on!

  • 50w ago cathyk915 cathyk915

    This is my first year to use #powersheets2018 and I struggled to find the right word, so I tried @jenniferfulwiler generator and got "unwind" along with St. Martha - what a combo! But it totally fit on both accounts!

  • 50w ago cephasmama cephasmama

    Restore-my heart, health, home, and relationships,

  • 50w ago redhd redhd


  • 50w ago caroldeu caroldeu


  • 50w ago maddalena70 maddalena70


  • 50w ago appalachianwoman appalachianwoman


  • 50w ago kimhartlove kimhartlove

    My word found me during Mass on Sunday and then showed up all day, lest I miss the message.... Listen. I love the stillness and silence implied. Don't jump to planning the next move or the next sentence. Listen, carefully: to God, to the person next to me, or to the child in front of me.

  • 50w ago everyday_runner_christy everyday_runner_christy

    My word is Yield. Yield to gods will, spend more intentional time daily in prayer and reading the Bible. And to produce a yield by doing the small steps that I often give up on. By continuing to tend all year to the things that move me closer to the woman I want to be when I’m 70.

  • 50w ago celestecreates celestecreates

    FOCUS. It chose me during the last year some time and it gets happily carried into 2018

  • 50w ago scboyle scboyle

    I did Jen’s word generator, and looked at three, thinking that they all speak to me and, at the same time, don’t speak to me. At Mass on Monday when I was praying I found myself using the word “enough” repeatedly—-which was one of the three, of course. So that’s my word and it encompasses many aspects of my life!

  • 50w ago monica_w1977 monica_w1977

    Cultivate ❤

  • 49w ago elizabethjeter elizabethjeter

    My word is Tranquility. I actually decided on it in October, and my birthday is in October so I figured I'd start on my birthday instead of New Year.

  • 49w ago jeri.lynn.m jeri.lynn.m

    Light 💡

  • 49w ago therealnancyo therealnancyo

    My word comes to me, clearly like a little ring of a bell. On Friday I was in my laundry room and I heard"abide". This seemed soothingly existential until I went to Mass that day and heard the reading from the letter of John: "whoever claims to abide in him ought to walk just as he walked." Sooo, I have my work cut out for me!

  • 49w ago cb_shanti cb_shanti

    My word is “grace”.

  • 49w ago recoveringpeoplepleaser recoveringpeoplepleaser

    I was praying when the word “transform” came through loud and clear. Then @jenniferfulwiler’s saint name generator assigned me St John the Baptist and I knew I had chosen wisely. I also did Jen’s word generator and came up with “cuddle” which I’ve been consciously doing a lot more often with my kids all on the cusp of teenagerdom.

  • 49w ago shanellemurray shanellemurray

    Mine chose me just before Christmas. It's tenderness!

  • 49w ago annieliz82 annieliz82

    Present. So many meanings and callings.

  • 49w ago crawfishgal crawfishgal

    What book is pictured here?

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