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A couple times last year when I was out shopping I would catch my reflection in a window or mirror and would be startled because it would take me a moment to realize it was me! •
I have lost nearly 100kg, When I went onto champix to stop smoking I gained 4kg. I am back on track now and have lost 2.5kg in 2 weeks and ready to knock the remaining 2kg off. I do get compliments all the time. At first I wasn't sure how to react then I decided to just gracefully accept the compliment and after awhile it stopped feeling weird and was more natural now I give a big real smile and a big thank you so much!! And I feel awesome and proud!

Ive had to take into account that People are genuinely happy for me.
We judge ourselves the hardest. Any women congratulating you is saying it because they are proud and impressed by your accomplishment, and not to watch some "inevitable" rebound, and even some looking for "Your secret" to your success, WLS is no secret to me and I will be loud and proud about it. Don't feel funny or embarrassed that someone recognizes your accomplishment. It isn't a secret.

I was fat, I am not being mean what so ever when I say this but quite frankly we were all fat,overweight, obese, unhealthy and unmotivated at one point… including myself. I was Class 3 (high-risk) Obese with a BMI above 40.0

Every day I'm getting used to this new me just a tiny bit more. This is how I am supposed to look, not the person who was swallowed by all the fat and the double chin and a gunt with the circumference of a spa.

I've gotten to a point where I know I'm far from physically perfect but I see my flaws and think to myself "Hey it's okay, you don't have to be perfect. Your former fat self would be ecstatic to be where you are today. Don't diminish it." I'm getting used to these new features, enjoying the new healthy me and I gotta say I feel in a better place mentally now. •
Every day I get better and better. Don't hate yourself. Life is too short and filled with enough problems as it is, don't make yourself miserable over little things you're probably overblowing. Appreciate your new self and what you accomplished, you owe it to yourself. #transformationtuesday


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