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  • 45w ago mr.shineman mr.shineman

    Best commercial ever

  • 45w ago verbalase verbalase

    @mr.shineman 😁😁🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you!!

  • 45w ago mr.shineman mr.shineman

    @verbalase i keep beatboxing it to myself

  • 45w ago john_ali87 john_ali87

    Happy new year

  • 45w ago amitbeats amitbeats

    Bro we saw you on tv at a bar in the city last night and we went crazyy!! Like thats our boyyy

  • 45w ago verbalase verbalase

    @amitbeats ahhhh!! That’s awesome!!! Thanks man!! 😁😁🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • 45w ago lunastardesigns lunastardesigns

    I felt so proud wen ii saw u in That commercial. Hope This year brings more success and blessings🌙🌟

  • 45w ago verbalase verbalase

    @lunastardesigns thank you!!! Me too!!!!

  • 44w ago jason.demarco jason.demarco

    Yo ase, u kilt that commercial!!! Happy 4u

  • 44w ago no.1_wwe_fan_kk no.1_wwe_fan_kk


  • 42w ago otha.james otha.james

    Love the sound. Love to hear one for Transformers the Movie

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