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Instagram post by @elizabethwarrenma Elizabeth Warren

2017 hasn’t been an easy year. But knowing you’re by my side - to resist, to persist, and to fight for the people we love - has made all the difference. Thank you. #2017bestnine


  • 10w ago monkee068 monkee068

    I’ve watched you on YouTube for the last 12mths, your amazing.

  • 10w ago bodhimomma bodhimomma

    Thank YOU elizabeth! You are our champion!

  • 10w ago amazinglyrandy88 amazinglyrandy88

    Lmao. You are a useless parasite. Term limits for all!!!

  • 10w ago bsshaffer68 bsshaffer68


  • 10w ago mrsyaya68 mrsyaya68

    I think you are amazing!

  • 10w ago laurenhermione laurenhermione

    Love you Elizabeth! Keep up the good fight and continue to ignore the haters!

  • 10w ago urbanherbalistnyc urbanherbalistnyc

    Happy holidays warrior!

  • 10w ago herknik herknik


  • 10w ago bendorcoco bendorcoco


  • 10w ago amarmalade amarmalade

    You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for all you do 💪

  • 10w ago ajgryder ajgryder

    These are wonderful! Thank YOU for all you do for us. ♥️

  • 10w ago angela_lucia27 angela_lucia27

    #love 💖#thefutureisfemale 💖👌🏼

  • 10w ago imanurse93 imanurse93

    We Thank both of you!!

  • 10w ago ljbreel ljbreel

    When your stupid nothing is easy, so it’s easy to see why you had a hard year!!! At the end@of@the day, you’re just another parasite living in the swamp!!!

  • 10w ago god_ofmyuniverse god_ofmyuniverse

    Thank you Elizabeth for all you do💕

  • 9w ago wesaliahmad wesaliahmad

    Love 💕 you girl. Girl power yeah babe. 👰🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • 9w ago chrysoprasebach chrysoprasebach


  • 8w ago beastie_the_sleeping_frenchie beastie_the_sleeping_frenchie

    If federal employees and soldiers are not being paid, then you should not be paid. Disgraceful.

  • 8w ago josiewheel josiewheel

    Keep resisting President Trump Successes Losers. ✌️

  • 8w ago sheiladee423 sheiladee423

    On your side Elizabeth

  • 7w ago lisamariep22 lisamariep22

    The biggest clown ever !!! You are everything that is wrong with this world psycho nut ! 🤡🤡 we love TRUMP ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  • 7w ago kylecombs kylecombs

    Worst human being on the planet

  • 7w ago 252diver 252diver

    🤥 liar

  • 7w ago denyce43 denyce43

    Go away

  • 7w ago hypergonadism hypergonadism

    But muh Russia !😂😂😂😂

  • 6w ago carlos_e_gavidia carlos_e_gavidia

    Your are disgusting Liar 🤥

  • 6w ago georgeandmorgan_ny georgeandmorgan_ny

    Why would you want to resist helping millions of Americans. You are out if touch and do not relate to middle America. O yea I am a self made business man I know you don't believe we exist

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