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Yesterday I had the absolutely pleasure of meeting @whoisdanbeck who is the CEO of @midwestmeals Midwest Meals is a meal prep service company that is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. -
Dan initially showed me some love by buying some clothes from my business @vigorvibeapparel Although Dan is not a police officer he supports us 100% and when I told him how grateful I was he just said, “Man anything to support another local business out.” That’s just the kind of guy Dan is he’s generous, humble and just a really genuine dude. -
Since then we connected on social media and he invited me out to his new store location that he recently built out from the ground up. I can’t tell you how excited he is to finally open his new place on Jan 2nd 2018. -
He gave me the full tour of his new spot and even showed me his old location where his business first started which was in an old 1900s manufacturing building that is now the home to a lot of small start up businesses in Eau Claire, WI. -
I tell people all the time social media can be a very powerful tool. They say you are who you hang with and that couldn’t be anymore true. Surround yourself with successful people who are chasing their passions and love what they do. I vlogged my trip out to see Dan yesterday so be on the lookout for that when it drops! -
Also if your in the tri-state area and your looking for some bomb tasting meals on the go definitely check out @midwestmeals you won’t be disappointed. #MidWestMeals #VigorVibe #MidwestPride #MealPrep


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