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So Thankful for having this little baby ❀

Time flies so fast.. Now you are turning 1. Every time Mommy and Daddy look at you.. There are only smiles on our Face 😊

Thanks for your presence in our life. You are the colour of our life. You are the happiness.. Bless..hope..and joy. You are the greatest gift from God ❀

We hope every best things in your life. Be a good and pretty girl. May God bless and guide you, in everything you do. Do it to glorify HIS name.
We hope we can be the best role model in your life.
Thanks to all friends for coming. It's been a pleasure to share happiness and bless to all of you. πŸ˜‡

Thanks for blessing us with your wishes and gift ❀

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday everyone 😍

God bless you all ❀❀❀ Arif, Vyfi & Beverly πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©πŸ‘Ά Video by @aceofcreation



  • 60w ago yunitaa.tan yunitaa.tan

    yaampun miss vyfi so magical banget ultahnya beve hahah , happy bday beve sayang🎈

  • 60w ago elikalee elikalee

    Happy bday beverly. 😍😍

  • 60w ago vyfiang vyfiang

    @yunitaa.tan hehehe thank you auntiee... 😘😘

  • 60w ago vyfiang vyfiang

    @elikalee Thanks auntie 😊

  • 60w ago liulitakusuma liulitakusuma

    @vyfiang happy birthday beverly

  • 60w ago grasidadecor grasidadecor

    Happy 1st. Birthday dear Beverly.. May you grow pleasing in God's eyes & Keeping your parents happy & proud of you. God bless also to the proud parent.

  • 60w ago elviyo1 elviyo1

    Beverly!!!!!! Time flies so fast ya miss kmrn baru ktemu beverly masi d dlm perut blm lahir skrg uda setaun ajaa😁😁😁. Panjang umur , sehat selalu, semakin jd berkat dalam keluarga, tumbuh jd anak yang baik dan sayang keluargaa. Seeyouuu soonnnnnn!!!!!😘😘😘. Merry christmas miss @vyfiang

  • 60w ago felimutz felimutz

    Happy bday beverly 😘 @vyfiang

  • 60w ago cikacakraaditya cikacakraaditya

    Wawwwwwww....kerennn beverly 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • 60w ago devowed_planner devowed_planner

    Ehhh kapan ultahnya vy? Happy birthday beverly... onederful year

  • 60w ago gabriellaellyana gabriellaellyana

    Happy 1st bday dear beverly 😘

  • 56w ago zivriclee zivriclee


  • 51w ago junitatjahyadi junitatjahyadi

    Bagus banget n keren apalagi kue nya πŸ˜‰

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