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Design wall play — unintentional symmetries — taking a photo and stepping back always shows me things I cannot see in real space and time. Thoughts?


  • 43w ago sarahmoesix sarahmoesix


  • 43w ago knitterotica knitterotica

    I agree with you about the photos. My knits are blocked much more symmetrically if I work from a photo. The design is very striking.

  • 43w ago barbiejo1125 barbiejo1125

    Looking at the reflection in a mirror, using a reducing glass and squinting are techniques I learned from a painting instructor.

  • 43w ago betieilat betieilat

    I love the shapes you created and the color combination is wonderful.. Stepping back is always a good thing.

  • 43w ago vic_pemberton vic_pemberton


  • 43w ago dymline dymline

    wow. fantastic. really really good.

  • 43w ago devidragone devidragone

    Asymmetrical balance, very good! 💚

  • 43w ago nicki.norris nicki.norris

    Mesmerising- and fantastic

  • 43w ago mecktastic mecktastic

    oooohh, love it

  • 43w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @knitterotica thanks, Holly - I rely on photos a LOT. And I use color inversions and black and white filters for sorting color balance.

  • 43w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @betieilat stepping back in more ways than one. Hope you had a lovely Hannukah. We made sufganiyot with Israeli friends as we do each year and o thought of you.

  • 43w ago rubydosen rubydosen

    Beautiful piece .👍🏻❤️

  • 43w ago erikabmo erikabmo

    @vic_pemberton thanks, Vic!

  • 42w ago knitprint knitprint

    I love the way all the shades transition into each other


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