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Had this about 4 hours ago but uploading now😳❤️ -
This has been on my new meal plan since Thursday and I HAVE been having it but a few people have messaged saying they’re concerned because I never seem to post anything after my here it is🙈 -
2 pieces of toast🍞 1 with with nutella🍫 and the other with a little butter (!!) and strawberry jam🍓! My dietician wants me to work towards 2 nutella but she’s happy with me having one now until I’m used to it❤️ -
I hate that this doesn’t fit with my ‘theme’ BUT the reason I restarted before was because I didn’t want it to be a perfect theme😒 need to stop letting it bother me! -
My stomach is in so much pain, like to the point I’m constantly lying down and sleeping, I can’t walk! It’s excruciating😖😖😖 I don’t know why but it feels like a mix of hunger pains and just general stomach pain? I might mention it to my therapist tomorrow and she if she knows anything🙄 -
I really am dreading weighin tomorrow: I might ask not to be weighed till next week??? I just don’t think it’s very fair considering I was only weighted Thursday and I’ve had an increase plan? (I know the increase is 200cals but still)😟😓 -
Going to try and get my head down and hopefully get a decent sleep! Night angels🎀❤️ -
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  • 43w ago realsarahkate realsarahkate

    Well done 💫 I am working towards Nutella too. Let your mind be at peace and go into your appointment tomorrow with your future in your heart and eyes. Fill your body with light and love before you go in, and let the fear seep away. It’s all about your mindset. You’ve got this twinny xxx

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @realsarahkate thank you honey. Don’t get me wrong, nutella is nice but it’s not as amazing as people make out. It defo fixes my chocolate cravings though - I want to work up to 2 nutella pieces but I’m scared at the minute. I’ll keep trying, keep fighting lovely❤️❤️❤️

  • 43w ago sweetchillichicka sweetchillichicka

    I'm so immensely proud of you ❤️ I experienced them pains too. They will go when your body is getting the right nourishment xx LY

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @sweetchillichicka thank you so much lovely! It’s so painful, I can’t even explain it!!! Love you girl xxx

  • 43w ago lottiesrecovery lottiesrecovery

    Good luck for tomorrow lovely xxx

  • 43w ago seekingmyhappiness_ seekingmyhappiness_

    This looks so yum! I hope you enjoyed it xx

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @lottiesrecovery thank you honey xxx

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @seekingmyhappiness_ thank you, I did indeed xx

  • 43w ago theresas_world theresas_world

    How many calories a day do you eat now?🙊

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @theresas_world around 1250-1300 xxx

  • 43w ago bagelsnbiscoff bagelsnbiscoff

    Well done! U can do this . And I feel this way sometimes with the theme but if I did I wouldn’t be able to post what I want so ignore it! 💘

  • 43w ago _cupcakerecovery _cupcakerecovery

    Good job!! This looks yum😍❤️

  • 43w ago beesbattle beesbattle

    FUCK OCD FUCK ANOREXIA FUCK DEMONS. Because fuckinggg fuck, you sure as hell can do this babe😉😉💓

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @recoveredliving16 sorry I’ve only just seen this! Thank you so much❤️

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @cupcakerecovery sorry I’ve only seen this now! Thank you xxx

  • 43w ago sashrecoveryxx sashrecoveryxx

    @littlemissbeesjourney sorry I’ve just seen this! Love you girl! Thank you so much❤️

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