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Wrecked. Also pulled the zipper off my @rapha Hardshell. #cycling #rapha #kask #capsnothats #outsideisfree #wymtm #fitness #training #bonk #selfie


  • 31w ago ilsoigneur ilsoigneur

    That’s a proper cock duster mate.

  • 31w ago dozzina dozzina

    @ilsoigneur written with such elegance as usual! I’ve shaved it off now, New Year new me.

  • 31w ago ilsoigneur ilsoigneur

    @dozzina fresh faced. You’ll be mistaken for one of your pupils.

  • 31w ago pedaller pedaller

    A look of steely determination! 😉 I need to do Grosmont. Passed the sign but never done it.

  • 31w ago dozzina dozzina

    @ilsoigneur woah. I didn’t go that far 🦁

  • 31w ago dozzina dozzina

    @pedaller Don’t bother. Actually, pretty sure we passed it on our ride on the way to Abergavenny


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