Instagram post by @fuckyourgunlaws Bryce Redenbaugh

As I put the oh so fantastic @fnh_usa #scar17s back into ready status, I cannot help but reflect on why I chose to use @fuckyourgunlaws as offensive as it may be to some. The second amendment is very simplistic in nature as not to be misinterpreted by future generations yet somehow we the people are under attack for the desire to express our second amendment rights, so I chose to make a bold statement. We have written into both federal and state laws against murder, with anything being used as a weapon, so to enact more legislation against guns is asinine in thought that it may prevent more murders occurring in the future. The best wishes to those who don’t believe in self preservation through protective means but I choose to use what our “crazy white racist” founding fathers gave us as American citizens to use. Even more crazy is the NFA, which in the 30’s began banning certain firearms, was created in the first place about the same time the Federal reserve was coming up on its 20 year renewal in congress, fucking strange.... Since then we have had major laws signed into act in the 60’s and 80’s and even states have begun to write their own legislation on firearms, ever so slightly chipping away at the second amendment. It’s the frog in the pot analogy, do it slowly and they won’t notice, that’s going to end up with WE THE PEOPLE powerless to a tyrannical government. It’s time to take our amendment back. #freedom #secondamendmentprotectsthefirstamendment #2alife #pewpewlife #blackgunsmatter #308 #762x51 #scar17 #mk17 #comeandtakeit #fuckthenfa #fuckthefed #fuckyourgunlaws @midwestindustries @magpul @trijicon @handldefense @kineticdevelopmentgroup @geissele @bravocompanyusa @noslerinc


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