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“I SMILE😃 when I pose now because I’M SO PROUD OF WHAT I’M DOING!!”
Its kinda crazy to hear that👆from @team_atrain online client @vespegirl. When she first reached out to me 3 months ago about starting her first prep... girl was a ball of NERVES!👀 But here we are 8 weeks in, and she’s found this incredible confidence within herself that I can’t help but smile ear to ear when I look at this! Her fears of what the industry have painted prep to be have been laid to rest through nothing but hard work and trust🤝.
Just because someone gives you a program fam, DOESN’T mean you will automatically succeed. 👉YOU have to do the work; 👉YOU have to weigh your food; and above all 👉YOU will have to BATTLE the low days we all suffer! So when you look at this transformation, don’t praise me... For Krista is the real MVP HERE!!!🏆 #teamatrain


  • 22w ago alesibr alesibr

    @atrain_100 YOU'RE BACK!! I have missed these posts so much! Happy to hear you are fine and back!

  • 22w ago footballdad7 footballdad7

    Wow that's crazy... big 2018

  • 22w ago afrosteele afrosteele

    He’s alive!

  • 22w ago mediha_fit mediha_fit

    I love everything about this post! Her transformation is amazing! Props to her coach @atrain_100 😉! And a round of applause to this beautiful lady for sticking to her routine and really kicking some ass! @vespegirl you go! 🙌🏼💪🏽💪🏽

  • 22w ago jozesalas jozesalas

    ohhhhhhhh heyyy man glad to hearing from you again! welcome back! hope everything is good

  • 22w ago bri_silvio bri_silvio

    @atrain_100 so weird, I literally emailed you this morning just saying hi because I haven’t seen you on social media in a while... then I see your name pop up!!! #creepyyyyyyy 😊😂😘

  • 22w ago caseypriz caseypriz

    @atrain_100 you’re back bro!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • 22w ago team_atrain team_atrain

    @khaledalrmaih I know brotha 🙏🙏 I can’t even begin to say how heartwarming it has been to see so many reach out. Just making sure all was ok. Appreciate it man

  • 22w ago team_atrain team_atrain

    @ashleighkolonic hey you!!!! I am and wow, was the lad 8 months of travel and ordeals a test! Tell your bro to text me, so I can catch you’ll up to speed 🙏🙏🙏

  • 22w ago team_atrain team_atrain

    @arnaldo_dcc yes sir!!! Thanks for the love bro... is that pic from this season??? I’ve only hit up mammoth so far, but dying to go again

  • 22w ago team_atrain team_atrain

    @justinsfit_ what up BIG HOMIE! I am dude and I got 8 months of travel and shiznit to post for you’ll! Thanks for showing some love

  • 22w ago arnaldo_dcc arnaldo_dcc

    @team_atrain last season, im from Chile, down south , right now we are on summer! Great to see you again and ill be waiting for new posts from you! Bless and welcome back

  • 22w ago romo_77 romo_77

    Welcome back bro @team_atrain

  • 22w ago justinsfit_ justinsfit_

    @team_atrain no problem man I’m FOREVER grateful for your services love you man

  • 22w ago amanda_likes_lift amanda_likes_lift

    Fuck ya !!

  • 22w ago 1lifesajourney 1lifesajourney

    Welcome back

  • 22w ago jobocolobocoso jobocolobocoso

    Welcome back A, missed your posts..when are more YouTube vids getting posted?

  • 22w ago bee_zee_girl bee_zee_girl

    We missed you Anthony! Such a great transformation! Congrats to a fellow Vegas Girl! @vespegirl @team_atrain

  • 22w ago monicajannie monicajannie

    @bri_silvio , I did the same thing a few months ago because I hadn't seen any posts in a while and though our contract is done you can't help still feeling like family. #teamatrainforlife

  • 22w ago angs__world angs__world

    Props to her, she wanted it and she went for it freakin AWESOME 👏🏼 Instill doubt myself so sad 😞 but in a good note I also scare myself LOL I kid you not Anthony but I been fallowing you for quite sometime and meant to DM to say hi and to say hope all is well with you! It been for EVAAAA since you been on IG and a lot of missed you! Happy to see you back and to get some of us motivated WELCOME back! @atrain_100

  • 22w ago beca_velasco beca_velasco

    So freaking amazing!!!!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • 22w ago ernieeees ernieeees

    If I’m ever happy it’s when @atrain_100 @team_atrain is back on instagram posting facts, I hope everything is well and that you’ve enjoyed and recuperated from it all!

  • 22w ago mo_reesse mo_reesse

    Happy to hear you’re coming back! All these other instagrams are great but nothing like Atrain!! 👊🏽👊🏽

  • 19w ago pinteresting_vegan pinteresting_vegan

    Hope you are alright!!!

  • 19w ago odd_dizzy odd_dizzy

    @atrain_100 Wow. Insane. Welcome back. Looking forward to reading your story of what happened. Cheers.

  • 16w ago thealmondeyes_ thealmondeyes_

    👍1⃣ ��n

  • 16w ago operacion_lirica operacion_lirica


  • 14w ago mann_ee mann_ee

    @atrain_100 where you at Brother! Missin your posts.... you are a huge inspiration and hope all is well man. Take care!

  • 14w ago colecoffeen colecoffeen

    Hope you're doing alright man, we miss ya. Huge motivation

  • 10w ago hamood_nasr hamood_nasr

    @danields87 ✋🏼😃

  • 10w ago danields87 danields87

    @hamood_nasr thanks for tagging me on that.

  • 10w ago danields87 danields87


  • 7w ago andersen.austin andersen.austin

    @b_a_r_a_j_a_s why didn’t you pick a more complicated ig name to type 🤪

  • 7w ago andersen.austin andersen.austin

    @andersen.austin @nutra_flex

  • 7w ago nutra.flex nutra.flex

    Welcome back @atrain_100, you inspired me to pursue fitness as a career.

  • 5w ago figurepronews figurepronews

    It is just about right!

  • 3w ago demetrius_kincey demetrius_kincey

    Miss you brother

  • 2w ago jessicajaslene jessicajaslene

    I emailed you! Hopefully you see it!

  • 2w ago rmartin0220 rmartin0220

    @team_atrain @atrain_100 hey man just checking on you. I tried emailing you but I am assuming I know longer have access. I sent the message from the email to both accounts. I hope all is well and stay strong brotha!

  • 2h ago candy_cyt_ candy_cyt_


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