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an amiable feeling on holiday: finally walking up to a fascinating building after only seeing it from far away


  • 36w ago laverard laverard

    My home town 😂❤️

  • 36w ago bonniehines bonniehines

    @laverard 😂 wish I could've brought you with me, I was awful 🙈

  • 36w ago laverard laverard

    @bonniehines hahah the accent there is difficult anyway! So if you didn’t understand anything I don’t blame ya 😂 hope you enjoyed the holiday though! ❤️

  • 36w ago bonniehines bonniehines

    @laverard I felt so arrogantly English 😭 we need to see each other soon!! Ralph needs his aunty too! Ur welcome to come for hugs anytime ❤️

  • 36w ago laverard laverard

    @bonniehines will have to organise something for Feb! Need to bring your waffle maker over!! ❤️

  • 26w ago garyfromparis garyfromparis

    Nice picture💪!!!


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