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Playing with a Kinder Egg toy during rehearsal today. I thought that these were outlawed in the States, but apparently they weren’t!
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  • 40w ago rkid000 rkid000

    Ill let you in on a little secret... youll find em in almost every easter european store!

  • 40w ago rkid000 rkid000


  • 40w ago hollycoffeebean hollycoffeebean

    They are super popular, are they dangerous? Like choking or something?

  • 40w ago chuckvideo chuckvideo

    @hollycoffeebean that was the deal, also with Cracker Jack toys that they could be a choke hazard. Looking at this toy though, it looks like it’s been designed not to block off an airway if swallowed.

  • 40w ago hollycoffeebean hollycoffeebean

    @chuckvideo I hate when people blame the fun thing instead of the parent that let them swallow the fun thing!!!!

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