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Had very serious and interesting day. Nearly 1,5 months ago finnish man got lost in Tallinn Harbour...He is not found so far.
I was asked to voluntaire with my boat to take around harbour aquatorium and marina Latvian searchteam with special sonar type equipment. We found few person shaped obstacles were divers go today to check them out. Equipment is very good and simple to read. You can see fish, tyres, chppingcarts... and humans in the bottom. I know Tallinn harbour in every cornwr now. Latvian team has found 3 person just before Cristmas.
It was scary to hear theyr stories and see photos of dead people in the bottom.
Please be very careful around the water. Enjoy but respect it! Take care of each other!
Its weird to think how lots of living persons feel lonely and not taking care of but when you are lost then even months later people and authorities are desperately trying to find you. Its reliefe knowing that...!
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