Instagram post by @hwmk "Hawaii" Mike Salman

I want to share my exploration in mindfulness to open up the conversation around mental health. It took me a while to start because my inner critic would say I wouldn’t do it right or I would look stupid, make any excuse to not take care of self. I had to take it back to the essence of life: Breathing. Breathing in (inhale) is the first thing we do when we’re born. Breathing out (exhale) is the last thing we do before death. Breath is LIFE. Most of us, myself included, took breathing for granted. Coherent breathing was my first step on my journey. I started with 1 minute, 6 months later I’m up to 20-26 minutes of breathing + 20 minutes of meditation which I practice every morning, or find time later in the day if my schedule changes, and that is ok too. If it helps, I use @insight which is a great tool, and FREE....................
Mental Health isn’t something our community talks about but is prevalent, lets change this, lets shift the culture, and lets do it together. #Mindfulness #SelfAwareness


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