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#Microblogmas✨ This holiday season has been one of the most memorable and most impactful for me: 🎄 Adopted-A-Ward on the children’s hospital floor to give gifts to the most incredible pediatric patients (their wide eye-smiles took my heart away). 🎄 Ticked off my bucket list and finally joined Medsounds. 😜 Sang holiday's national anthem, Mariah's "All I want for Christmas is you" with my mean girls. 💕 🎄 Had a lot of fun on our batch's victory party. 💃💃 🎄 Spending quality time with my family.💖 🎄 Continually in awe of my friends who just exude loyalty (3 in 1 pack) haha.😂 🎄 Meeting new people (doctors, batchmates, and schoolmates) every day that uniquely touch my life, ❤, and mind. 🎄 Inching my way closer and closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor (but, cardio module evals first). 😂 🎄 Celebrated friendship, love, and solidarity. ●

What is your favorite holiday memory that you’ve made  so far? I hope everyone has been enjoying the season, kahit may duty or evals! 😂 Spread the cheer❣️ #damingtimeseries #ToClerkship #chloramphenicolemd

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