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Morning routine:

I am curious so every morning I check the oura app how I have slept last night. I usually sleep well however I do go to bed a little late once in a while. That influences my recovery.
But it is fun to see that since I got my oura ring and rest more I actually loose weight.
I start my day with drinks. I don't eat until after 12 o'clock.
I start with one cup of matcha latte with 1 tsp matcha powder, 1 tsp great lakes collagen, some bulletproof vanilla max, 2 tbsp bulletproof brainoctane oil. I love this drink! It is like a dessert! Yummi! 😋

I have a green drink - it doesn't taste so good but it contains greens and different coloured antiinflammatory ingredients. So I start with the rainbow! 1 tsp of each: chlorella, ashwagandha, maca/brahmi, cordyceps, turmeric, black currant/lingon berries/blueberries/acai/beets, moringa/kelp/spirulina, baobab, spisekil, 25 ml msm and a pinch of cayenne.
I have also used different kinds of parasite killers the last two months: grapefruitseedextract/artemisia/oregano oil/pau d'arco. I have mixed them not to get the bad bacteria used to them. It is a constant battle in your gut.
The book I am reading now - Food Pharmacy - describes it like Star Wars. Who do you want to feed? Luke Skywalker or Darth Wadar? You feed Darth Wadar with sugar, diary, flour and preservatives. You feed Luke Skywalker with fibers, vegetables and nutrients.

My supplements in the morning are besides the green drink: magnesium glycinate, vitamin C, zinc and a multi vitamine for active women. I also take some Arctic Med omega-3.
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