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And here’s how Nevada sees the #netneutrality issue. #nevada better wake the fuck up and demand their rights. This pisses me off on so many levels. Example: Im OVERCHARGED by #verizon every month for shitty internet service (about $180 for 2 phones)! I’ve been with them for 11 years and it just keeps on getting worse. Meanwhile the boost Mobil consumer next to me is surfing away. Tf!!! I call to chew them out because I don’t have decent signal in popular places like Henderson or Las Vegas... I’m not in some deserted island. The reps tell me “the speed of the internet depends on the communication from from our towers to your phone.” And some shit about the amount of towers here. Ok.... HOW TF ARE YOU NOT GONNA HAVE ENOUGH TOWERS IN LAS VEGAS (A POPULAR TOURIST CITY). So I told him “you’re basically telling me that Verizon is not the best provider for me based on my location... because no matter where I am you don’t have enough towers to support me” He was stumped. I’m mad that Verizon has the nerve to support #netneutrality And can’t even give me decent service. If you don’t know what net neutrality is just look it up. They will have the ability to block sites they choose AND charge for popular sites that many can’t live without. #netneutrality #riseup #fuckfcc #verizon #coxcommunications #comcast #att #dinatitus #rubenkihuen #deanheller #catherinecortezmasto #lasvegas #notonetneutrality #notomorecharges #notocensorship #censored #facebook #instagram #snapchat @verizon


  • 61w ago alandiaz.xs alandiaz.xs

    Change carriers. I was with them for 12 years and after switching to T-Mobile, I can say I’ll never go back to Verizon

  • 61w ago nena_hrtado nena_hrtado

    @alandiaz.xs pero si tienes señal? You don’t have problems with them?

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