Instagram post by @actor_wilson_ramirez Wilson Antonio Ramirez Jr.

So yesterday I got to see my sons sparring session with Elijah and I like my sons aggressiveness and in putting punches together. He has grown a lot. I also dig his style of fighting...BUT....I REITERATE...KEEP YOUR HANDS UP and work on ducking and slipping Elijahs right. I picked the best footage from the 4 rounds (and there was more) but he hardly used his jab and it let his opponent in and when he let his opponent in the BIG RIGHT HAND kept coming. UNNECESSARY BLOWS HE COULD OF AVOIDED. Now I know he is still young in the game but the cotton has to be taking out of the ears and put in the mouth. Especially when Im guiding him. Lots of work to do but I am proud that he is getting better. #boxing #boxingfam #trainning #sparring #thesweetscience @coachyuka @rafaelramos @_fernandovargas @dcblackkobra



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