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15.12.12. Five years married to my best friend, my rock. Thank you for always making me realise that life is far too short to stress about things that are outside of our control and that all you need in life is love, laughter and kindness ❤️ feels like just yesterday we were married amidst torrential downpours, mud and falling down barns! #fiveyearslater #bestdayeverrr #marriage #happyanniversary #gandg


  • 22w ago mealstindale mealstindale

    Happy anniversary Gwyndo and Gav xx

  • 22w ago elisabethlaidlaw elisabethlaidlaw

    Happy Anniversary Gwyn and Gav! 💜

  • 22w ago lynxy_d lynxy_d

    What a beautiful pic!! Congrats you two legends 💕

  • 22w ago megkidd megkidd

    Happy Anni my bests! Love you guys ❤️🍾🎉

  • 22w ago jenpowell747 jenpowell747

    So beautiful 💙 Happy Anniversary you two

  • 22w ago deepsouth_em deepsouth_em

    What a jol. Happy anniversary you two beautiful people xxxx

  • 22w ago geriwessels geriwessels

    Aaaaaah you two are awesome x

  • 22w ago julspennct julspennct

    Yayayayayayayayayayayayayay! Xxx

  • 22w ago kc_roberts kc_roberts

    You guys are the best. Happy anniversary moles 😘

  • 22w ago rebalukasiewicz rebalukasiewicz

    A very happy Anni to you crazy cats! Xx

  • 22w ago jenniferhammond1 jenniferhammond1

    Happy anniversary! Missing u both so much and can't wait to see u in January 2018!

  • 22w ago swonderfulone swonderfulone

    Love this, congrats xxx ❤️

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