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Wicked clowns never die
#juggalo #WickedClownsNeverDie


  • 47w ago robb_1129 robb_1129

    Unfortunately their musics been dead for almost ten years. We can't be bumping up their old music forever. They gotta step up their game and make new classics. That's just my point of view of ICP. Look at twiztid and MNE they've moved on and created better music than before and still stay relevant. Psychopathic needs to make some serious changes. Haha

  • 47w ago rickyboy209 rickyboy209

    @robb_1129 I hears you brotha, them classics tho always bring back how i first started listening at a young age, ya they’re Killin it over there they need to just stop the bullshit and just huddle up own shit all together you know what I’m saying

  • 46w ago novarockafeller novarockafeller


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