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  • 40w ago prouddaddyofanangel prouddaddyofanangel

    Yes. Now he would

  • 40w ago caineosirus caineosirus

    Good matchup

  • 40w ago dan_da_mannn1 dan_da_mannn1

    @xaviorozco74 it's a good fight though. You never know what's gonna happen.

  • 40w ago deanliss1985 deanliss1985

    I think it's a good match up, donaire is coming to the end of his career but he's still dangerous.

  • 40w ago rgt325 rgt325

    Both have similar styles. Both planted and both love to counter punch.

  • 40w ago lando_car lando_car

    Nonito is way over his head again. His time has passed and Frampton although he will not knock him out, i think he’s more skilled than Nonito .

  • 40w ago mattsaljanin mattsaljanin

    Donaire is too old. People forget how absolutely dominant he was tho in his prime. Top 5 p4p one everyone’s list

  • 40w ago thebullysquad thebullysquad

    Nonitos flash is gone

  • 40w ago kingalan47 kingalan47


  • 40w ago xx_zero_xx xx_zero_xx

    Yeah. Hate to say it.

  • 40w ago rickybeerz rickybeerz

    Nonito sending Frampton to hell.

  • 40w ago 426_fukit 426_fukit

    Rather see Oscar Valdez vs framton

  • 40w ago xaviorozco74 xaviorozco74

    @rickybeerz No way.

  • 40w ago nicolai_castellano nicolai_castellano


  • 40w ago dankane828 dankane828

    Yes it's too late for Donaire! Frampton would stop him

  • 40w ago ronniev571 ronniev571

    Nonito would catch a hard L, but a fat 💰 day

  • 40w ago jarocho7036 jarocho7036

    Nonito s over.

  • 40w ago yahya_22 yahya_22

    Definite donaire loss donaire is a shot fire peaked real fast and dropped real fast

  • 40w ago wazgoodjesse wazgoodjesse

    I wanna see Frampton fight Valdez!!!

  • 40w ago marque1108 marque1108

    I think Frampton would win, but I'd still watch.

  • 39w ago loco_un_poco81 loco_un_poco81

    Donaire should take the opportunity to get a rematch with Rigo. Just a thought.

  • 39w ago pacerred pacerred

    Frampton has two advantages 2 young & 2 strong 4 Donaire.

  • 37w ago boxinghighlights boxinghighlights

    Boxing Highlights Aprroved!


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