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Instagram post by @elisetrouw Elise Trouw

Posting from my studio cave... new music coming soon 😘 (+10 points for the best caption for this pic... GO!) 📸 @the_dmva


  • 8w ago brilanemusic brilanemusic

    Dang you got a paiste sponsorship that’s rad 😊 #girldrummersarethebestdrummers

  • 8w ago notahoser77 notahoser77

    I see you use your symbol as a shield as well did you learn that from Keith Moon as well? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2FHJS58DZE

  • 8w ago jayquion jayquion

    Elise is almost ready for the great, the few, & the elite. Your great spirit is rising, and through patience and discipline, it shall be seen. May you always be blessed and guided by the righteous, and always be in joyful peace, for your talent and work ethic is a true inspiration to millions. You have the kind attention and the loving ears of many, and your kind, loving, & loyal spirit will always be remembered by all. (I will be out traveling for a few months so if I don’t get to watch one of your shows again, just know that you’ll always be in my sweet thoughts 💭 & prayers. Keep it up and may God always bless you & your music, Elise Trouw. ) 👼 🙏

  • 8w ago juan_salvadorp juan_salvadorp


  • 8w ago ryanweltig ryanweltig

    “Paiste’s cymbalize my heart”

  • 8w ago rafaebessa rafaebessa


  • 8w ago johnnypapes.jr johnnypapes.jr

    Soon I would build my own in house studio in Argentina, you have inspired my 💪

  • 8w ago fachryzautama fachryzautama

    Duh ilaaaah bule manis beut da'ah...

  • 8w ago themindofasage themindofasage

    Behind the veil

  • 8w ago jayquion jayquion

    What are you thinking about right now, Elise ? 🤔

  • 7w ago jayquion jayquion

    I hope it’s not too much to say that I can never get enough of you, for you’re really the cutest, most talented, & most beautiful girl, I’ve ever seen this year, Elise. 😂 I just hope we can make this feeling last till next year, and the years after that. 😝

  • 7w ago daliythunjira daliythunjira

    No one knows what is behind the cymbal. #Caption

  • 7w ago adamlovellmusic adamlovellmusic

    #caption This is but a "cymbal" of my affection. Copy and "paiste" if you agree?

  • 7w ago joselevigodoy joselevigodoy

    Who's behind?

  • 7w ago artistzeroone artistzeroone

    the best

  • 7w ago garm135 garm135

    I wish one day to play as well as you and, who knows, maybe play together

  • 7w ago ilan_loves_the_g ilan_loves_the_g


  • 7w ago liothomasart liothomasart

    This is the one that almost decapitated Charlie Parker? :) 🖤🖤

  • 6w ago ratravarman ratravarman

    Come on, Gorgon, I'm ready!

  • 6w ago alexansou alexansou


  • 6w ago jake_d_rocks jake_d_rocks


  • 5w ago leckiebob leckiebob

    I took a history of photography class so I am trained at spotting “cymbal”ism in pictures.

  • 5w ago kris_ananthu kris_ananthu

    Beaten 🐈

  • 5w ago caiettia_ caiettia_


  • 5w ago jimenezdesignmx jimenezdesignmx

    “Praise him with sounding cymbals...” Psalms 150.5 Blessings !

  • 5w ago sergovoy sergovoy


  • 4w ago axedistortion axedistortion

    this is my shield...... this is PAISTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SPARTA)

  • 4w ago jayquion jayquion

    I’m still here wondering if her contest ever ends though 🤔.....

  • 4w ago cgdrum7 cgdrum7

    My precious ... Dark Energy Crash !

  • 3w ago vincedelapenaphotography vincedelapenaphotography

    Paiste. This is how I roll. *insert groan here*

  • 3w ago vincedelapenaphotography vincedelapenaphotography

    Dad jokes rule!!! Hahaha

  • 3w ago davethadestroyer davethadestroyer


  • 3w ago ryanbeydler ryanbeydler


  • 2w ago lewis_texidor lewis_texidor

    “I don’t always hide behind cymbals, but when I do I make sure it’s @paistecymbals” -@elisetrouw

  • 2w ago cincinnatibites cincinnatibites

    I used to slather my cymbals with so much Buckaroo cleaner in high school that I'm sure I lost some brain cells from all the fumes.😄

  • 2w ago enveryllmz enveryllmz


  • 1w ago us4cookies us4cookies

    The Dark Energy’s are beautiful cymbals

  • 1w ago chivava69 chivava69


  • 1w ago tamborrojo tamborrojo


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