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Almost two months ago on a lazy afternoon, Aaie and I were lounging at home when I got a parcel. Aaie opens it and squels with joy! The parcel was from cooptex and she was surprised to see this Chedi Butta Sari!
Immediately lost in thoughts she said she had one in pale yellow that was gifted by a family member before I was born, and that she loved it and wore it on plenty occasions.
I asked if she’d like to have this one. She said nope! You wear it and make your happy memories with it ❤️ This is also my entry for #weavesoftamilnadu by and a shoutout for his #sareefestival starting in #Chennai tomorrow. Am feeling so bummed am not there right now as he’s having a #curtainraiser Saree Styling Jam at the venue: Amethyst, Whites Road Royapettah. Chennai. #cooptexsaree


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