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Day 6 „Winter clothes“ with @foggy_was_herex3 cute OC Usabi! I rly like her outfit, it was super fluffy to draw!
Day 7 (yeah I forgot to write the title)„Advent singing“ with Kyo, the cool and smart looking OC from @sylphanni.nara his design is just...*-*!
Day 8 (here the same xD) „Advent wreath“. It was hard to think about a idea, but I think I hit her look in my drawing style^_^
I hope you ALL like it and are satisfied with the little drawing and I hope to see you again💕💉
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Btw: I thought I don‘t want to spam you guys, so I decided to upload them in one post!^.^


  • 40w ago its_sha9 its_sha9

    AAAH I'M SO HAPPY❤️❤️ When I saw this post I was like: Wait isn't that Usabi- IT IS HER xD💕 I'm glad you like her X3❤️✨ And now I just realized she really does have perfect winter clothes XD when I designed her outfit I just thought of something looking bunny-like because...yeah she's a bunny uwu✨btw I looove the way you drew her *^* (ich sött sie wedermol zeichne..)

  • 40w ago togeswiss togeswiss

    @foggy_was_herex3 woooow liebi Wort, I‘m glad you like it and yeah, maybe you should draw her sometimes :D I had fun while doing this^__^!

  • 40w ago togeswiss togeswiss

    @sylphanni.nara yayyyy I hope so!😂❤️

  • 40w ago ezquinox ezquinox

    Oh! I love this so much! At first I was like ”wait why am i tagged?” cause i forgot xD but ahh i love how you drew her! ❤️✨ this is amazing!

  • 40w ago togeswiss togeswiss

    Thank you, I‘m so glad you like it!😁❤️ @esquilfreak


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