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#Tbt My hand of the session last week while playing @horseshoebmore
was when I was sitting on pocket 3’s (3♥️3♠️) on the BB in a 1/3NLH game and the flop was 8♠️Q♥️A♥️ it was crazy how it checked back to me and I got a free turn card, which was the 3♦️where I immediately made it $50 to make all flush chasers fold, but it didn’t work. The river card was a 8♥️ the only card that could get everyone else to get it all-in on 5th street. There was no other card that would give me so much action. That heart on the river gave me a full boat with tres full with 8s, and gave villain the nut flush he wanted and another player a smaller 9♥️ flush. Although I know the probability is low for another boat, I was a bit hesitant to call as I thought pocket aces or queens was out there; however, I am not folding a full house here, so player with the 9♥️ flush goes over top of me and forces me to get it all-in which I did.I believe I had about $330 total behind. I was so glad they both showed flushes cuz I knew I’d be scooping it all. The thrill of victory....ahh!!! 😀☺️😉 For the record this is now the biggest pot I have ever won playing this game which was probably a $750 pot. Totally buy-in was $225 and I cashed out for $825. One hell of a session for 3 quick hours!


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